About stunt kites

Dual line kites

Dual line kites ... often also referred as stunters or stunt kites.

There are single line kites that can be steered ... but not in the way you can do that like with stunt kites.
Modern stunt kites are not only steerable, left right, up and down, loops and so on ...
but also capable of real kite tricks!
Throw the on their back and spin them vertically ... toss and turn them, let them roll up and out, there are dozends of tricks! (just watch some videos on the net ...)

Roughly siad you can divide dual line stunt kites in different categories, as:

- Beginner kites
- Relaxation kites
- Trick kites
- Power kites
- Speed kites
- Infoor kites

if they have a frame ....

And we haven't talked about goil kites, frameless, inflatable kites with 2 and 4 lines ...

I own mostly trick and competition stunt kites, with a few collectables thrown
in the mix, a few are more relaxation kites, some power- or speed kites and
even 2 -3 (if I ever finish the next indoor kite prototype) indoor kites ...