Steiff Roloplan

The Steiff Roloplan

What can you say about the Steiff Roloplan?
First, it is a design from 1909. Yes, that old !!!
Second, that it was the first commercialy sold single line kite that could actually be rolled up, hence the name! Before kites were not designed to be disambled for transport.
Third, it is a kite from the toy company Steiff which may be famous for their Teddy bears, but they actually made a lot differnt kites up into the 1970ies. Roloplans were made until 1968.

In 2006 decided Steiff to make a "reissue" as close as possible to the original, means wooden spars, cotten cloth and a wooden reel with a line made out of hemp.
Thanks, I love it!

Wingspan: 150 cm, Height: ~ 150 cm

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