Havlicek Delta

The Havlicek Delta

The kite is named "Havlicek" Delta, because he was designed by Mr.Havlicek from Austria.
It flies extremly well, it has a very steep angle of the line and looks very good.
In case of thermals it can happen that it turns in circels above you ...
So quite a kite for light winds, mine has 5mm carbonfiber rods. Some other Havlicek delta kites are build with even lighter rods.
I was very happy that I could convince a acquaintance, nicknamed "Hamburger" (although he is from Bavaria  :D), that he did cede with one of his eigth Havliceks ...
Thanks, Eddy!

Wingspann: 336 cm, Height: 143 cm

Bild "Havlicek.jpg"