The 2 m Bol

So, what is that? It is called a "Bol".
Like and old time parachute that has its top of the cap clipped of.
And .. most of them have little slits around the corner, that gets them turning around and around...
You can either use a ground stake and a line and have them going on the ground, turning and going from side to side or hook them in your kiteline and have then flying up in the wind.
But because the tend to move around a lot, in either case you need to have a very watchful eye on them so that spectators aren't hurt.
And !!!
Bols pull a LOT ... a 6 m Bol will need real good staking down and lines with a breaking point between 750 kg and 1 ton !!!
Bols are SERIOUS stuff!

Bild "bol.jpg"