About Indoor kiting

About indoor kiting

There is a lot to say about indoor kiting ..
I came in direct contact with it in 2001 and had later on for 1,5 years my own indoor kiting group in Hamburg that met once in a week. Sadly I had to move and nobody wanted to do the work,
so the group closed down in 2004.

But what is indoor kiting and how does it work?
Well .. a lightweight kite for light winds needs winds about 5 to 6 km/h or 3-4 MPH to fly.
Now take that kite into a bigger indoor facility, like a basketball court, and use lines that are only about 2 to 5 meters long, then you can get the kite to fly if you just turn around on the spot.
That give the kite enough speed to fly. Just look at some video footage you find here or on youtube.

Me ... flying the first time "indoor" outdoors (nearly no winds at all) after at least 10 years ... (May 2019)

I think that was in Marcel Mehler 2002 in Wuppertal. He won and I think I haven't seen an indoor presentation technical better than that since then ... (sorry about the quality)

And Carsten Leinedecker in Wuppertal at the Climax-Indoor-Cup, 17. Ferbruar 2002.
If I remember right he want 4th in the end ...

Gregory Reynes, the multiple french master shows his skills with a 4-liner ...

Nico Low's shows how to fly a Revoluion indoors with no hands at all  :D